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Welcome to Catalyst!

We are a gathering of independent professionals here to guide you on your transformation journey.  At Catalyst you will find the support and encouragement you need to make change possible. Our peaceful and welcoming space is the perfect environment for you to shift, grow, and become the you that you want to be. Learn more about the providers at Catalyst, or contact one of us today by clicking on the links below. 

The Couch and Pen, PLLC

Cheryl Congrove, MA LPC NCC


Expressive Arts Therapist

Kate McGlynn-Moore

Therapist, MSW, LCSW

Social Work • EMDR

Emotionally Focused Therapy

Threading Peace

Xanthi Williams, MS

Somatic Experiencing Therapist

Victoria Able Nutrition

Victoria Able, MA, MNT, CAN

Certified Nutritionist

HeartMath Provider

Catalyst Change Cooperative

Catalyst Change Cooperative

550 South Montezuma Street, Suite A  •. Prescott, Arizona 86303